Les Soins — Your Favorite Beauty Treatments Brought Home

After a long fashion week of work and fun with friends, I’m due for a little relaxation and recuperation. My skin is practically begging for it! For women in France, no matter how busy they get, a little time for “self care” is something they will always manage to find. With a huge focus on skincare and a penchant for clinical spa treatments over needles and knives, French women will often pop in every couple weeks for a state of the art facial or whatever other soins are on the menu.

Paris Rendezvous

But you don’t always have to leave home to get the same results. Spa treatments can be expensive and time consuming. With some of my favorite Lancôme products you can get similar results anytime you want from the comfort of your home and on your own time, without ever having to make an appointment. With the right routine you can also economise and get the results you love more often and more times over for about the same price as one treatment at the aesthetician. So I suggest cozying up at home, taking some deep breaths, lighting a candle or two, and trying a few of my favorite alternatives you’ll find below. Your mind, body, and soul with thank you!

ABSOLUE L'EXTRAIT ULTIMATE EYE CONTOUR — Contouring facials in salon often use microcurrent devices and massaging techniques to firm problem areas of skin. With Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Eye Contour Collection, you can get similar results for your eyes six times over with this luxurious little kit. Apply the ultra hydrating balm-to-elixir to the eye area and massage it into the skin with the accompanying roller to stimulate collagen and blood flow. Then the innovative eye patches, made from an exclusive bio-cellulose, help seal in all the benefits of the Absolue leaving you with visible results including lift and reducing under eye puffiness.

ÉNERGIE DE VIE SCRUB MASK — Microdermabrasion and detox facials are two of the most popular treatments at the esthetician. But if you want similar results in less time and more affordably, the Énergie de Vie Scrub Mask is a two-in-one mask, meant to refine, moisturize, and exfoliate your complexion. Begin by applying it to your face for five minutes to let penetrate and purify your skin. When you go to wash it off, enjoy its exfoliating pearls to reduce fine lines and brighten skin. Your complexion will be radiant and completely re-energized!

GÉNIFIQUE YOUTH ACTIVATING SECOND SKIN MASK — Anti-aging facials are one of the biggest demands from women once we pass thirty. But ever since one of my my favorite Lancôme products, Génifique, was embodied in a Youth Activating Second Skin Mask I think a lot of us can skip the facial and get the same results right at home. This ultra efficient serum face mask delivers an extra generous dose of Génifique’s moisturizing and plumping properties. I like to pop the mask in the fridge before for an extra cooling effect, put it on and relax to some music or meditation.

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