Le Smoking — How To Style My Favorite Parisian Wardrobe Essential

Everyone always wants to know what French girls are wearing. As an American in Paris I have the great pleasure of observing these stylish creatures in their natural habitat, with just enough distance as a foreigner to have my own take on their sartorial habits. The thing that most people think about French women and their fashion is that they are, above all, classic. That is true.

Paris Rendezvous

But that being said, it’s not as if things never change in the Parisian’s wardrobe. Her affinity for the classics doesn’t mean she wants to look like she’s wearing grandma’s threads…even if she is! It’s all about building on the classics and working in her personal touch, or her current favorite trend.

Lately from the streets of Paris and my favorite French It-Girls I’m ultra inspired by one Parisian wardrobe essential in particular that seems to be having a moment…a suit! In French it’s commonly referred to as a smoking (said with a French accent) as a reference to smoking jackets, paired with a matching wide leg trouser. This is a classic wardrobe essentials worth investing in that you’ll wear over and over again.

French women are great at bringing a chic suit or smoking out of the office and in to wherever her vie Parisienne takes her. There is no right or wrong way to dress, but if you want to take some tips Parisienne women here’s the low down on how to style this timeless wardrobe item with french flair…

For the weekend — The perfect way to dress down a suit for the weekend is to pair it with some trendy sneakers and your favorite vintage tee shirt. You can cuff the trousers and push up the sleeves to give yourself an air of nonchalance.

For the office — Instead of the usual white blouse, layer a suit with a tight fitting turtle neck and top it off with a long necklace or big earrings. For shoes, opt for some embellished booties instead of pumps to add a bit of edge.

For a party or date — To add a bit of sex appeal to a suit, opt for sleeveless silk camisole, which French women won’t hesitate to wear without a bra. For shoes, select strappy heels, and instead of wearing the blazer, simply drape it over your shoulders for that je ne sais quoi.

For a wedding — Instead of a dress, I love the idea of women wearing a chic suit for wedding guest attire. A pastel or beige suit creates a strong but soft look, as does a beautiful printed scarf to tie around your neck and make the look more festive and French!

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