La Vie Nocturne: Nightlife in the City of Light

They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but take it from me: no one stays up all night in better style than Paris. Parisians have been partying all night in superior fashion since Maxim’s during the Belle Epoque, and today such a place is still a happening spot. La vie nocturne is another of the city’s greatest draws. There are swanky cabarets in Pigalle, caché cocktail bars in the 2nd arrondissement, and dancing discos off the Champs Élysées just to name a few…

Paris Rendezvous So how do Parisians hit the town? As for all good things in their life, they never rush. The night starts slowly with a rendez-vous at a friend’s apartment for a few glasses of champagne before heading out. But faites attention! Parisians are sure to drink in moderation to keep their chic and avoid committing any faux pas. Prime time for bars doesn’t even begin until the stroke of midnight, and around 2am the crowds migrate to clubs, or boîtes as the French say, for great music and dancing. My favorite night spot to dance until dawn is without a doubt Le Carmen. This fancy townhouse located in Paris’s 9th arrondissement, was once the home of the famous opera composer Georges Bizet. These nights, its ornate rococo interior has been repurposed as a chic club named after his most famous work, “Carmen”. With spectacular ambience, top shelf liquor and cocktails, and an impressive DJ lineup it’s my best tip for Parisian nightlife.

When it comes to the dress code, one can never be overdressed for a night out in the City of Light. Don’t expect to get past any doorman here in sneakers. Women can’t go wrong with a pair of heels or some ultra-stylish flats to pair with their little black dress and a sultry shade of lipstick. For me as of late, the perfect complement to any evening attire is a fine misting of La Nuit Trésor. Lancôme’s elegant new take on Trésor is perfect for night time with its romantic and mysterious merging of rose and orchid into this sweet scent. It will surely be my fragrance of many memorable Parisian nights to come…

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