La Vie Est Belle X Lady Pink

In a little corner of my Parisian apartment I have every single bottle of La Vie Est Belle that I own displayed. The one engraved with my name, the Eau de Toilette, L’Éclat, and so on. There are about ten or so now. Having them on display here not only makes them easy to use whenever I need a bit of perfuming, but also allows me to admire them and remember the philosophy the scent embodies — to make life beautiful by spreading happiness.

Paris Rendezvous

So when the latest limited edition of La Vie Est Belle created with the artist Lady Pink was released, I had to have it to add to my collection of course! If you’re wondering why Lancôme collaborated with Lady Pink on this limited edition version of the iconic fragrance, other than the fact that she is clearly one cool chick of course, allow me to tell you a bit more about Lady Pink.

Lady Pink began making art at a young age back in 80’s. By the time she was a teen she was painting her beautiful murals across New York City subway cars. At a time when graffiti was a boys club she dared to do her thing and played a pertinent role in transforming graffiti into a respected art form. Lady Pink’s many murals in New York City and beyond bring color and creativity to the streets they decorate as a way of spreading art and joy. With themes like rebellion, self-expression, and feminism she has been credited with focusing her art and career on empowering women and sisterhood.

The limited edition bottle Lady Pink created for this Lancôme collaboration is as bold as her artworks. She covered it with bright pink graffiti lettering of La Vie Est Belle, and traded the tulle tie for a neon vinyl version. The playful hot pink version of La Vie Est Belle adds her twist on the essence of this fragrance, to spread and share happiness through self expression. It’s definitely the La Vie Est Belle I’ll reach for on my shelf on days when I need that creative push.

If you’re a fan of Lady Pink’s work you’ll have to get your hands on this bottle. And if you find yourself in Paris, make your way to the Canal Saint Martin area. On the east side of the city here you’ll find some of the city’s best graffiti art with bright, beautiful, and uplifting murals lining the streets and climbing up the buildings. A stroll last weekend around this neighborhood was the perfect time to debut my La Vie Est Belle X Lady Pink fragrance and brighten up a grey winter day with a punch of color. Both are pretty good at spreading happiness!

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