La Vie Est Belle En Rose

One of the things I love most about spring is the feeling that all of my senses come back to life. All those layers come off and I can feel the sun and breeze on my skin once again. In the streets of Paris that seemed sleepy all winter, I can suddenly hear little birds in the newly leafy trees singing again. Then of course there are the flowers that come back, blooming in the parks and perfuming the city. Each year at this time I stop to smell them, overcome by just how lovely they are as if I were smelling them for the very first time.

Paris Rendezvous

Spring is all about this rebirth, of nature most of all and our senses that follow. It’s a time to feel light, airy, and vibrant once again as our senses come back to life with so much to enjoy outside around us. And so it also is the perfect time for a new fragrance, one to usher in a new season with the joy and optimism that should come with spring. I like to call that seeing the world through rose colored glasses, and for that there is the new La Vie Est Belle En Rose!

Life is beautiful all year round, but La Vie Est Belle En Rose this spring is extra light in this eau de toilette edition with flirty floral notes and a fruity twist. Composed of a floral heart of iris and infused with peony and roses, it paints the world in pink! It’s a fragrance that invites us to see the brighter side of life and spread happiness, just as La Vie Est Belle has always embodied, but now even more energized and light on the nose.

So reawaken your scent this spring and put on your rose colored glasses with La Vie Est Belle En Rose. Open your eyes to the beauty all around us and stop and smell the roses. There’s no need to come to Paris to do all that, it’s as easy as trying a new fragrance. Soon you’ll be seeing the world en rose and spreading happiness every where your scent goes…

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