La Coulée Verte: Spring Blooms on Paris’s High Line

Have you ever heard of the High Line in New York City? Perhaps you know this park perched on an elevated strip of abandoned rail line. It’s the perfect place for a stroll when the weather is nice and definitely a local’s favourite in The Big Apple.

Paris Rendezvous

You might be surprised to know that Paris has a high line of it’s own called La Coulée Verte that actually pre-dates the one in New York by several years. Not far from the Gare de Lyon in the 12th arrondissement, this beautiful walk can be easily missed if you don’t know where to look, which is why you usually won’t find any tourists here. It begins up a fairly discrete flight of stairs at the intersection of Rue de Lyon and Avenue Daumesnil.

In French there is an expression that goes “To err is human. To stroll is Parisian” and there is no better place for a Parisian stroll on a Spring afternoon than here. La Coulée Verte is also often referred to as La Promenade Plantée, which translates to the planted walk. Along it at this time of year you will find tons of trees and flowers in bloom, including my favorite cherry blossoms which I came to admire on this afternoon. Perfectly punctuated with benches along the way, it’s also a great place to bring a book and read in the sunshine.

Another thing I love about this high line walk is that it provides a unique perspective of the city’s architecture. One flight above any cars below, there is peace and quiet at an optimum elevation for gazing down residential streets and even peering into the windows of some nice real estate. It’s almost like being a little bird flying throughout these neighbourhoods of Paris. But alas, on foot it’s three miles long and so the perfect place to stretch your legs and call it your exercise for the day.

And what’s the perfect beauty companion for a casual afternoon walk on Paris’s high line? This Spring it’s my my new Juicy Shaker in Walk The Lime, a shade of warm red I’m loving as of late. It would be hard to leave home without it though as I’m totally addicted to these new Lancôme pigmented lip oils. I do recommend you give them a try, as well as La Coulée Verte should you find yourself in Paris!

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