Hydra Zen: 24 Hour Stress Free & Hydrated Skin

For me, the last several weeks have been non-stop travel. Days on airplanes and nights crashing on friend’s and family’s couches have left me and my skin exhausted and stressed. When I’m away for a while, like I have been recently, I miss relaxing at home in Paris and having the time to keep up with my skincare routine. My skin misses it too, and it’s been showing. So what’s a girl to do?

Paris Rendezvous

When I landed in Los Angeles this week I headed straight to a facial. It’s not something I usually treat myself to but once or twice a year it’s great to check in with an esthetician and see what your skin is in need of. “Are you hydrating enough?” Kelly asked. I sure thought I was, I use a moisturizer every morning. But she told me that moisturizing and hydrating aren’t the same.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that moisturizers merely provide moisture to the surface of the skin. Hydration products however go deeper to infuse water content into your skin at a cellular level, plumping and smoothing. There is a difference, and an ideal skincare regimen (in the coming winter months most of all) involves hydrating after cleansing, and then following up with a moisturizing product that helps lock in all that great hydration by covering the epidermis. I was so surprised!

So post facial I checked into my hotel for an evening of rest and relaxation with me, myself, and Lancôme’s new Hydra Zen. I knew it’s been flying off the shelves at Lancôme, so I had been dying to try it. But until my facial I didn’t know just how badly I needed it!

The Hydra Zen Masque helped me get some serious beauty rest. Apply it before bed time and overnight its intense hydration will work to make your skin more radiant and toned. In the morning, rinse and apply one of the Hydra Zen moisturizing creams to lock in that hydration and further protect and preserve your skin. My favorite is the Hydra Zen Gel-Crème because gel formulas are particularly good at delivering hydration and smoothing skin. For a lighter option, the Hydra Zen Beauty Essence is the perfect balance.

So it turns out a night of good sleep and some serious skin hydration was all I needed during my travels to take me back to the zen of being home in Paris…

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