Home & Away — Jumbo & Travel Size Necessities

The seasons are changing…or at least they should be! Believe it or not we had more snow here just last week. But despite what the thermostat reads, the calendar says that spring is upon us and some blooms have even sprung up! Warmer weather will soon bring us out from hibernating at home, and start whisking us away for travel season! Spring breaks and summer vacations are headed our way.

Paris Rendezvous

And while I, for one, will be happy to embark on a few getaways soon, it’s not always easy to leave behind the comforts of home, mainly my enormous arsenal of beauty products always at my fingertips morning and night. I like to keep my cabinet well stocked, and so jumbo sizes of my favorite products assure that my supplies will well outlast the season itself. Honestly, with these generous jumbo sizes I might have been able to get away with not leaving the house all winter! Just kidding.

But now that I am leaving home in Paris for some long weekends and other fun trips in and around France, I’d like to travel light with my cosmetics, and Lancôme’s home and away jumbo promotion has got us covered. For every jumbo sized purchased, they’ll send you the travel size too, for free! Isn’t that convenient? More space in the suitcase for cute outfits I say. Or, bringing back some souvenirs. Just use the code JUMBO at checkout. Here’s what I’ll be adding to my cart as my home and away essentials…

Bi-Facil Face — One of my beauty essentials and also the perfect companion for traveling. As both a makeup remover and a refreshing cleanser, it’s a sort of two in one product that allows you to consolidate for traveling. The oil phase dissolves makeup, while the micellar water phase cleanses and removes excess residue, leaving skin feeling instantly cleansed and refreshed…just what you need when you get home from a stressful day of work or away when you turn in after a long day of traveling!

Tonique Confort — I love this silky-soft moisturizing toner. It immediately rehydrates and gently purifies skin. The instantly soothing formula made with Honey and Sweet Almond Extract gives skin a soft, fresh, clean and incredibly comfortable feeling. It’s great for traveling too as it combines both a toner and a moisturizer, and really moisturizes skin after it has been dehydrated in transit on in those planes, trains, and automobiles!

Now that you know what to order and pack, the only question that remains is where will you go? Bon voyage!

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