GRANDIÔSE: Lancôme’s Mascara Innovation Bends the Rules!

We all have that beauty item, don’t we? That one item in our beauty bag we would choose to never go without. Mine is mascara, and apparently I’m not alone there either. Did you know that 70% of us use mascara five days a week, and 30% of us use it every single day?

Imagine if we each get a little of that time back every day, and achieve better results? No curling, no contorting, no clean up. Just perfectly dramatic lashes every time. What a grandiose idea...

It’s possible though! “How so?” you ask. You’ve just got to bend the rules! Enter Grandiôse, the new innovation in mascara from Lancôme. Ready for a lash lesson?

Lancôme worked closely with women to suss out their mascara woes. Curved and round, the eye is the most multi-dimensional face feature. Mastering mascara can be tricky (and messy!). Here’s where the trouble comes in. To hug all our lashes’ curves and apply to both eyes we’ve been...

- crossing the brush over the nose.
- turning the wrist to reach our second eye (opposite of the hand applying).
- switching to our weaker hand.
- contorting to work the wand with the contour of the eye, not just up and down, but forwards and back too.

Paris Rendez-vous

Sounds tideous! Leave it to the innovators at Lancôme to sort out this dilemma. During my six years in Paris I’ve realized it’s the prerogative of the French to make chic effortless. Here’s how they’ve done it with Grandiôse... !

- The first ever swan neck wand bends perfectly to all the curves of the face and eyes with the simple flick of a wrist avoiding your cheek bones, nose, and brows.
- Its precision brush is shorter and smaller in diameter, designed to extend and lift even the shortest lashes, with each bristle petal shaped to grab and curve them.
- The ultra black formula is the perfect pigment for intense eyes, and actually beautifies lashes with native rose cells and its flexible polymer formula that’s silky and long lasting.

Longer, thicker, defined lashes are the key to sparkling eyes, making mascara our daily beauty ally, and Lancôme is the undisputed leader when it comes to lashes. I’ve been loyal to my Définicils for over ten years, and didn’t think it could get much better. But it just did...

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