Fresh Makeup Ideas for Spring

Spring arrived fashionably late as of several days ago, but no one is mad, just glad that it’s finally here! I suppose those April showers did all the city’s plants some good. We are in full bloom with cherry and apple blossoms covering every corner. The park behind Notre Dame, the trees below the Eiffel Tower, even just right outside my metro stop are pink blooming clouds, lightening everyone’s mood for the morning commute along with the rising temperatures.

Paris Rendezvous

But my favorite place to inaugurate spring is at the Parc de Sceaux, a beautiful chateau at the edge of Paris surrounded by lush grounds and even a grand canal to liken to Versailles. But the best spot here this time of year is the cherry tree orchard with rows and rows of blooming trees for all of Paris to come and picnic beneath.

It’s amazing how the change of seasons can change my mood…the whole city’s really. The sun trickling through the trees making the blossom shadows dance on our faces, and as we lay on our picnic blanket below we remarked on how it seems everyone in Paris is extra cheerful the past couple days. I, for one, am suddenly full of fresh ideas, for work, outfits, and more. Makeup is no exception. I wanted to lighten my look to match my mood, strip back a few layers, add some color…

Feeling inspired as I am I thought I would share a few of those ideas with you here. Some recent favorites I’ll be freshening up my look with that you might love too…

Skin Feels Good — For warmer months I like to switch to a lighter option for foundation. With the sun back out I feel easing up on the foundation is a more youthful and modern look. Skin Feels Good is the perfect full foundation alternative complete with SPF to protect skin from more time outdoors, while moisturizing and helping to even out your complexion without covering it up.

Le Teint Macaron — I think the perfect cheerful look to compliment fresh natural skin you’ll have with Skin Feels Good are rosy pink cheeks. I love cream blushes for their color pay off, brushless application, and dewy finish. Bright pinks are a perfectly sweet look for spring and Le Teint Macaron from the Lancôme spring collection is extra adorable!

L’Absolu Rosy Plump — This is fast becoming a new favorite! While I love matte looks for winter I think something glossier for spring feels bright and fresh. It has a sheer rosy tint paired with an instant plumping effect and moisturizing properties thanks to castor oil. It’s the perfect gloss to enhance your natural beauty and couple with a light and airy “no makeup makeup look”.

Les Toppings Eyeshadow Palette — Another sweet and fresh makeup idea for spring I’m loving is to top of your look with just a bit of shadow from Les Topping Eyeshadow Palette. This 10- pan eyeshadow palette with creamy colors lets you create a range of looks from pastel to bold and add a touch of color to make any routine look feel fresh for the season!

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