French Cooking Classes with Le Foodist

A word to the not go to a cooking class hungry! Now that I’ve shared that tidbit of wisdom with you I can let you in on my other latest and greatest Parisian tip... Le Foodist.

After seven years in Paris it’s still possible to have new experiences. Surprisingly I managed to go this long in such a culinary capital without taking one of the many esteemed classes one can find here. But I finally caved and signed up for an afternoon of cooking at Le Foodist which seemed like the perfect fit. Here’s why...

Paris Rendezvous

For one, all classes are in English, which means all the easier to share with you and for you to try if you make it to Paris. Secondly, Le Foodist is as much about the experience of cooking as the result. Lastly, their focus on mouthwatering French classics like macarons, croissants, and tons of savory dishes will have you feeling like a true francophile, as the purpose of Le Foodist is to help you discover culture through food.

An afternoon at Le Foodist can go something like this. After arriving at their gorgeous dining and cooking space not far from Notre Dame, you’ll wash up for the kitchen, throw on an apron and get straight to work. Or, you’ll kick off your class by all heading to the local open air Parisian market, selecting the freshest ingredients for your dishes. Once you’ve mastered their French cooking techniques in the kitchen, your small class will sit down with the two head chefs in the dining area to eat and hear the history and array of stories about the French food you’ve just cooked up. How’s that for a mouthwatering Parisian afternoon?

Since I’ve already given you the run down on France’s most popular culinary export of the moment, the macaron, Le Foodist and I are sharing with you their vanilla macaron recipe for you to try at home in your own kitchen. You can download it HERE. The best pointer I can give you from my class is to be VERY precise with all your measurements.

Bonne chance in the kitchen and bon appétit!

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