Énergie de Vie: Today's Fatigue, Tomorrow's Aging

I was walking home the other night across Paris thinking how remarkably empty the streets are this time of year. Nearly silent in fact. I passed the small newsstand down the road from my place. The headline of the Figaro Magazine read “En août, on se repose”. In English this means that in August, we rest.

Paris Rendezvous

Indeed, August is a sacred time in France. Most Parisians head out of town to rest and recharge, for all or at least some of the month. Many shops and restaurants close, and what remains practically slows to a halt. Emails hardly come in at the office and away messages are abundant.

Americans might find it hard to believe that an entire city more or less shuts down for the greater part of a month each summer. But in France, this is just part of life. I admire this work-life balance the French seek to maintain. Being ambitious in a world capital can really take it out of you, most of all, in our late twenties and thirties when the modern woman strives to have it all — a career, love, family, adventure. All this effort can make us thrive, but it’s our skin that usually suffers. Lancôme’s Énergie de Vie skincare is for just this sort of woman. Young women, like me in fact, running full speed at all our dreams from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed.

I had the pleasure of discovering the collection in conversation with Lancôme’s lead chemist several months back. Her words really spoke to me — the thought put into how each product feels immediately on a woman’s skin, the integrity of the ingredients and their benefit to changing complexions, and the moments they serve us most in our busy lives. As I listened to her talk about its three main antioxidant plant extracts, I tested each product and was astounded by their silky effects. The collection covers all of a woman’s skincare needs around my age...

A cleanser to detox and purify, removing makeup and dead skin.
Antioxidant liquid moisturizer to refresh, protect, and hydrate.
Lightweight day cream to energize and invigorate, infused with water and lemon balm.
An invigorating lotion for when skin needs that extra boost.
The night mask to recover and restore with vitamin E and goji berry extract

Personally, I feel like this is the best Lancôme skincare yet for women of my age in their twenties and thirties. Today’s fatigue can be tomorrow’s aging, and these products are light in weight and scent, formulated to reveal a dewy complexion for today and many tomorrows.

Énergie de Vie means energy of life, a reinvigoration for the face we put forward to the world, and in return touching the mind, body, and soul a bit too. This is the French essence of rest and balance we focus on this time of year, and Énergie de Vie is the skincare collection to bring that to our complexion each and every day. August or not, it has now become my skin’s daily source of energy from the outside in.

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