Énergie de Vie — Reveal Your Radiance for Summer with Two New Additions

I always feel like this time of year I’m my best self, in more ways than one. The beautiful weather inspires me to get outside and make the most of the long days. Looking back each time, I wonder how just weeks ago I was so ready to hide away inside. But now, summer days are here and I feel re-energized, always motivated to see friends, to exercise, to do everything on my list each day and then some. That’s why I love summer, and my skin does too.

Paris Rendezvous

When the air is si doux (so soft) as we say in French, my complexion is at its best too, feeling and looking more balanced, more radiant, sun kissed by warm days and invigorated by the fulfillment of each day that leads to nights of solid rest. I’ve shed the layers in my wardrobe lingering from colder months, and for my face I’ll do the same. Warm weather means less makeup and skincare becomes both a priority and a little pleasure in my routine. A fresh face is the best summer beauty look, and exfoliating to reveal a radiant glow is just the way to get it.

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited that with the arrival of the season also comes some new additions to the Énergie de Vie collection. Focusing on a simple routine akin to a natural skincare line, Énergie de Vie reawakens dull and tired skin by purifying, moisturizing, and now exfoliating as well. The new Énergie de Vie Exfoliating Mask is a two-in-one mask made to eliminate dead skin cells, resulting in a more even skin tone and a renewed, dewy texture for a luminous finish.

I love to use it when I have a slow morning to sit outside on the terrace and take in some fresh air. Cool to the touch it immediately feels relaxing on the skin. It only takes three minutes but I like to leave it a bit longer, letting its antioxidants reach deeper to soothe my skin. Then, with its exfoliating beads, I finish with it at the sink just like a scrub. After just one use I could instantly see and feel how renewed and soft my skin was. Even my friends noticed.

For a nice finishing touch, Énergie de Vie Cooling Eye Gel is a tiny wonder to give you a rested look, calm puffiness, and smooth over fine lines immediately cooling and hydrating skin with its roll on applicator. This tiny new beauty secret is perfect to keep with you on long days when you feel you’re looking fatigued. Just reach for it in your purse and roll it on for a little pick-me-up.

Et voilà, two exciting new additions to Énergie de Vie this summer to think about as we focus on skincare, shed the layers, and put our best faces forward to look and feel radiant and energized as we live life to the fullest all summer long…

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