Dreamtone & Génifique: Fighting Off Winter Skin Woes

When it comes to winter, as long as I can cozy up in a warm café to write, bundle up for a nice stroll in my favorite places or pamper myself at home while I wait for warmer weather, I for one don’t mind the cold in Paris. My skin on the other hand doesn’t take such a graceful approach to the season.

A perfect complexion has never come easily, most of all when the forces of nature are against me. I love to go foundation-free when my skin is at its best, meaning an even surface and tone. Even with makeup though, we all know a great complexion is an ideal base. Between December and March such skin seems a lofty goal. Old Man Winter’s icy wind zaps away moisture and the sun rarely shows her face to give us a bit of a glow. Suddenly, fine lines appear in places they’ve never been before and my frost bitten face is rosy in places I don’t consider cute.


Basic moisturizing is the first step to remedying these seasonal beauty woes, but good skin requires more than that. With a synergy of the right products to repair and prevent, Lancôme can give us the beauty break we deserve anytime of year. In three different tones, we can all find our match for perfect pigmentation with DreamTone. In the evening after cleansing, I apply DreamTone before bedtime and sleep soundly as it works its magic to fade dark spots and rid of redness, and even imperfections. In the morning I reapply it everywhere on my face before my moisturizer. Immediately my skin glows with its barely-there tint and its light scent. And those fine lines? Enter Génifique! The perfect winter companion to DreamTone. I use these youth-activating serums for face and eyes each day and night. Their powerful complexes smooth skin and restore radiance, visibly improving its surface and making it incredible to the touch. With these new favorites in my beauty arsenal, I imagine I won’t be too worried come Groundhog Day if winter decides to stick around a bit longer.

There you have it, my first beauty secret of the series! Next time I’ll share with you a dreamy article I’ve chosen from Brides magazine about the delight and romance of Paris. It will certainly put you all in the mood for more about the city on Paris Rendez-vous this season…

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