Day Trip to Giverny: Discovering Monet’s Garden & Lancôme’s Matte to Measure Collection

For this week’s rendezvous I thought I would take you all along on one of the dreamiest day trips from Paris to the home of Claude Monet. The Parisian born artist once said that his greatest masterpiece was his garden in Giverny. He must have loved it very much considering that today; a single one of his paintings can sell for up to ninety million dollars.

Paris Rendezvous

On this little trip, I discovered a garden as lovingly looked after as ever. It was incredible to see the iconic scenes I know so well from his oil paintings coming to life before my own eyes. Dwelling the rows of flowers in front of the house, you can see the colorful blooms that speckle the landscapes of his paintings. Passing over the bridges of his pond, you’ll find his precious waterlilies floating on the surface. Around the premises, weeping willows blow in the wind making the light and shadows dance around this magic place, furthering the sensation that it is brimming with life.

Surrounded by Monet’s garden, one can’t help but see how the artist was completely overcome by the inspiration that he cultivated and immersed himself in here. As an impressionist, he was a master of light and color, and this garden was his greatest muse. His commitment of capturing its nuances during his many years in Giverny eventually built one of the greatest collections of paintings from any one artist, many of which you can find right here still on the walls of Monet’s home.

I was so happy to finally make it Giverny to see the garden transitioning from summer to fall. And speaking of other great color collections this season, I just received Lancôme’s new Matte to Measure selection. Twenty-seven matte shades in lipsticks, lip stains, and lip pencils means you can find the perfect matte lip look for you. I wore my favorite to Giverny, L'Absolu Rouge Velours in “De Petale”, an ode to Monet’s floral inspirations. I’m sure you too will find the perfect color in the new collection to inspire you…

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