Custom Highlighting Drops — How to Get the French Bonne Mine!

When I tell people in Paris that I’m from California they always ask me if I miss it, and I do. Paris is my home but as my two weeks back in California come to an end, I can’t deny that there are indeed many things I miss when I’m away. I miss picking fresh citrus from my dad’s garden, I miss the beach ever close to the back door, and I miss my family. Though I think the thing I miss the most is the light...the sunshine.

Paris Rendezvous

We didn’t win the title of sunshine state, but we sure do get more than our fair share of it. Each morning here it lures me out of bed telling me to seize this beautiful day. In their sheer abundance, many Californians must take these rays for granted. But I don’t, not when I’m here and not when I dream of them when I’m away. If I could take only one thing home with me to Paris it would be that beautiful light. From the golden glow of the early morning to the rose glow of the evening sunsets, I wish I could bottle up every shade of California sunshine and save it for those wintery days when I need it the most.

Something about being there is so rejuvenating, like a breath of fresh air for the mind, body, soul..and my skin. The sea air blows and the sun shines down, and barefoot in the sand I close my eyes and raise my face to catch both, taking in a deep breath with it all. It’s a simple and majestic pleasure that is quintessential to California, to me, bringing me back to the simple things, the laid back vibes I grew up with…

This time I’ll be going back to Paris with a slight tan, rather more sun-kiss to my skin I suppose. But however slight, the Parisians will notice. They’ll say tu as bonne mine! as soon as they see me, and ask me where I have been. It’s the French way of saying you have a healthy glow, and a friendly invitation to brag about what warm place you’ve escaped to mid-winter that left you more radiant than before.

While I can’t take the light back home with me, I now have the next best thing, meeting me somewhere in the middle of my sun-kissed tan and a bottle of California sunshine, Lancôme’s Custom Highlighting Drops.

These new lightweight, highly pigmented liquid highlighters and bronzers easily blend with foundation to give you the power to control your glow. The water-in-oil emulsion can be added directly to your foundation sur-mesure with the dropper for an overall dewy effect, or applied directly to skin for strobing. For me, a drop of Champagne Glow has been the perfect compliment to my new Skin Feels Good, which I follow up by applying Rose Glow directly to my cheekbones as a bronzer blush. It’s been my go-to look for my trip in California that I’ll keep up back in Paris.

And for you, whether you use these highlighters to define your best features or create an overall dewy effect with your foundation, one thing is for sure, people will be asking you too where you got your bonne mine! You can tell them Lancôme! For now I think I’ll keep telling the inquiring Parisians I got mine in California, if only just to keep our beauty secret a little longer...

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