Bi-Facil: Bye-Bye Halloween Makeup!

Let’s admit it, putting on Halloween makeup is about one hundred times more fun than taking it off. But Halloween or not, how you take off your makeup is as important as how you put it on. There are right and wrong ways to do it.

Paris Rendezvous

Luckily, this year Lancôme launched Bi-Facil Face. Facil means “easy” in French and it’s the name of this ultimate makeup remover because it makes taking off all those extra layers of makeup easier than ever. This full face version of Bi-Facil is all about giving you the freedom to create through the power to erase. I once saw an article titled “15 Halloween Makeup Looks to Try Right Now!” and thought to myself, how on earth could one try so many looks? Well, I wouldn’t recommend it but with Bi-Facil Face, you might just be able to. Three sounds more reasonable, like the three makeup-centric costumes I created this year for a chic and spooky Halloween. If you want to give one or more a try before the night of the 31st, Bi-Facil Face is the ultimate creative companion in makeup creation.

With the power to dissolve even the most stubborn long-wear face makeup, it also cleanses your complexion and leaves it feeling refreshed for a no-makeup breather or whatever you decide to create next. It has unique bi-phased characteristics, beginning with the oil phase to dissolve makeup, followed by the micellar water phase to cleanse and remove excess residue while refreshing and calming skin.

Bi-Facil Face can be used all over, but for special attention to stubborn eye makeup (hello waterproof mascara!) the award-winning Bi-Facil double action eye makeup remover gently whisks away all types of eye makeup with minimal effort so you can be gentle on the delicate skin around your eyes. If you need some good advice, grab some cotton pads and check out my article on makeup removal tips.

So before you kick off your Halloween creations, be sure to take advantage of Lancôme’s promotion with free 2-day shipping on any size of Bi-Facil Eye and Bi-Facil Face between October 23rd and 25th just in time for the holiday! Just use code SWIPECLEAN at checkout after adding them to your basket! Whatever Halloweens looks you create, Bi-Facil Face and Bi- Facil Eye will be sure to have you effortlessly back to normal by November 1st…

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