The Best Way to See Paris This Summer — Scoot!

If you ask me some of my favorite summer memories of Paris, I have to say, might have taken place on the back of a scooter. To be honest, riding around Paris on two wheels at any time of year to see the sites is undeniably a dream. Something about doing so in summer is really spectacular. Catching that wind in your hair on hot days and warm nights while cruising past Notre Dame or underneath the Eiffel Tower makes you feel like you're riding through the scene of a movie. At least that’s the feeling I had one of the first time I rode around Paris on a summer night on the back of Parisian’s scooter — a good cliché, isn’t it?

Paris Rendezvous

Lately, scootering around Paris is becoming easier and more enjoyable for everyone than ever. Paris pioneered the public city bikes system with our Velib. The shared bike system has been copied across the world now in cities like New York, London, and beyond. But now Paris has done it again with the amazing City Scoot! There are more than 1500 scooters all over the city and can be picked up at and dropped off as you go, without even so much as having to carry around your own helmet — it’s included! All you need to do is sign up via an app to get going.

The city is loving these scooters for much more than just the ease of getting from point A to point B with them. They’re actually completely electric too, meaning they are clean for the environment (no exhaust here!) and ultra quiet so our streets are clearer and quieter. Almost everyone I know has been using them to zip around Paris so I had to give it a try myself. And as we say in French, je suis fan!

There is something distinctly European about riding around town on a scooter, so I thought I ought to let you in on this locals secret, City Scoot. That way you too can see Paris like the Parisians do next time you come to the city, with the wind in your hair, the whole of the French capital just around the corner. It’s definitely the best way to see Paris this summer time…

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