Out with Bang! — Be Bold This New Year’s Eve

2017 was one of the busiest years of my life, in a good way I’m happy to say. As many of us do around my age I buckled down, and gave my all to my career, with some trial and error and some success too. You know how it goes…when you’re busy time flies and if you’ve had a year anything like mine, you too can’t believe that it’s already coming to an end. But part of time passing quickly is getting older too. As a young girl a year used to be paramount, now at nearly thirty it’s starting to feel like just the blink of an eye.

Paris Rendezvous

And while this year was flying by, so did some occasions to stop and celebrate that I didn’t seize as much as one ought to in life. The birthday parties I missed, the galas I couldn’t RSVP too, and the little soirées I would have like to have thrown myself to share with others — I just didn’t always have it in me to find the time to make them happen, and furthermore to get myself together to dress up and go out.

But now here at the end of December, I peer over my shoulder at the year behind us. They say never look back, but I can’t help it. I think it’s important to do so — to be grateful, first and foremost, but also to see how we want to do things differently moving forward. With a bit of sentimentality if you’ll allow me. The only regrets I have from this year are not the mistakes I made, not the faux pas I have surely taken here and there, but rather the steps I didn’t take. As the proverbial saying goes, it’s not the things that you did in life that you will regret, but the ones you didn’t do. They’re always right, aren’t they? Well, something like that I suppose.

So I will say it is far from the end for me, perhaps just the end of this year, but I regret the nights I missed. I regret the parties I didn’t find the energy to put on my dancing shoes and the strangers I never met on the dance floor. I regret the celebrations of friends and family I didn’t dress up for, sending a card in my place. I regret the times I didn’t take a tough day and shake it off to get dolled up, and feel fabulous to meet up with friends.

Which leads me to my 2018 resolution, to seize those moments. Years go fast and occasions to look and live glamorously and celebrate this thing called life with others will pass us by too often if we let them. So I won’t. Not anymore. I’m going to seize every opportunity worth dressing up for. I want nights on the dance floor to fly by me on winged eyeliner. I want my lashes those nights to be as big as my daydreams. I want my champagne to be as sparkling as my eyeshadow, and nights worth celebrating to shine as bright as my lipstick, and they will…starting this New Years’s Eve!

So let’s go out with a bang! Pull out your most fabulous dress and wear your glamorous makeup tonight! Kiss this year goodbye and welcome the new one looking and feeling as bold as we hope to live in 2018! Happy New Year!

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