Get in the Spirit! - Bastille Day Beauty

National spirit has been off the charts in France as of late! It seems everywhere you go the flag is flying high. Bastille Day last weekend brought every one out in blue, white, and red to celebrate. The 14 juillet is France’s National Day, chosen to commemorate the turning point of the French Revolution that lead to the founding of the modern French republic. Much like the 4th of July in the United States, Bastille Day takes place in the height of summer and is the perfect occasion for parties, picnics, barbecues, and of course fireworks from the Arc de Triumph to The Eiffel Tower!

Paris Rendezvous

But Bastille Day isn’t the only thing that’s got French National Pride flying high. If you haven’t heard, we won The World Cup of soccer for the first time in twenty year last Sunday, the day after Bastille Day! After Saturday’s Bastille Day festivities, the city kept the blue, white, and red on full display for an even bigger celebration that has come around only once every twenty years, our World Cup Win!

If you think the 14th of July is a date do go down in history for the French, then mention 1998 to a French soccer fan and you’ll get ten times the enthusiasm! I never knew the country was so nostalgic for our first World Cup win twenty years ago. Since last Tuesday when the French National team won the second to last match and sent us on our way to the final, the energy around Paris in particular has been one of excitement and unity.

And then this Sunday all of the dreams of young and old and men and women alike came true…we won the World Cup victory! As the clock counted down and we knew our competitors in those final seconds could not overtake our four goals, the crowd went wild. Business as usual in the city came to a complete halt as cheers and people filled the streets hugging and crying and singing On est les champions! We are the champions! Flag flew out from every window, fireworks went off, and scooters went racing down the streets singing the national anthem!

Like 1998, this is truly a moment to go down in history, and one that I was so excited to experience here in my chosen country! With extreme pride for our team, we welcomed them home from Russia on Monday with open arms and yet another parade down the Champs Elysees to welcome them to the presidential palace where they were congratulated by the president.

Between Bastille Day and World Cup Finale, I admit most French are wearing blue white and red face paint in stripes across their cheeks! But might I recommend some more chic French makeup essentials if you want to get into the national French spirit along with us, like the perfect red L’Absolu Rouge or Le Teint Macaron for example. I can assure you my Monsieur Big Waterproof also came in handy Sunday when we all cried tears of joy! Vive la France!

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