Auda[city] in London: A New City Chic Palette

The first time I ever went to Paris was actually via London exactly 20 years ago this month. It was the very same year the Eurostar was inaugurated in fact. I was 8 years old and my mom took my sister and I to the British capital on vacation to visit my cousin. She decided to pop over with us to Paris for one day on the new high speed train across the English channel. For a young American girl abroad for the first time in my life, it wasn’t easy to understand how one could go from country to country so quickly, or how trains could go under water for that matter. So needless to say, the experience had quite an impact on me and ever since there has been a sentimental link between Paris and London in my heart

Paris Rendezvous

Since journeying between the two is so easy on the Eurostar, I still pop over to London from time to time to visit friends and enjoy all this sister city has to offer. London is like the trendy and quirky sibling of Paris, but with its classic roots still firmly grounded. It’s a bit bigger, a bit busier, and a bit faster. I just love London, from cute cafes in Notting Hill, to beautiful views on London Bridge, to lively nights out on the East End. I also love to people watch here and remark how Londoner’s style varies from the Parisians. Isn’t it fascinating how a city can inspire your style so much?

Lisa Eldridge designed Auda[city] in London palette with exactly that in mind. As creative director for Lancôme, she is often between London and Paris, and wanted to create a city chic palette inspired by her hometown here and a counterpart to the Auda[city] in Paris palette that Lancôme released last year. The idea is to mix and match, layer and build, to create countless looks with a palette as versatile and playful as a London lady and her style

With sixteen shades the possibilities are positively endless, and Lisa has already shared some of her favorite looks with the palette and the story behind it in her tutorial. I traveled to London myself last week just for fun, and Auda[city] in London was the perfect packing companion to bring along and change up my look over a few days there. Here are a few London inspired combinations I came up with using it to make your eyes pop...

London Fog — Apply “Rich History” all over the lids, and then “London is Callin’” to the outer crease. Blend well then add “Purple Pageantry” with the flat brush for definition to the outer corners of the eyes. Finish with a touch of “Tower Bridge” applied with your finger to the inner eyes to illuminate the look.

Green Park — Apply “Queen’s Lace” as an all over base up to the brows, and then “Fresh Garden” all over the lids. Add a touch of “Woody Bar” to the inner thirds of the lids. Blend “Misty Morning” into the crease, and finish by lining the under eye with “Midnight Haze”.

Soho to Shoreditch — Use “Steel” all over the lids, then with the flat end of the brush use “Midnight Purple” to create a smokey cat eye effect at the outer corners of the eyes. Using your finger, apply “Soho Lights” to the inner eyelids and inner corner of the eyes.

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