Angelina — Waiting Out Winter with a Chocolat Chaud

Oh winter has been tough this year! While I’ve seemed to finally kick my winter skin woes to the curb for once, I can’t seem to shake the blues with this grey sky and cold rains that have been going on. In the home stretch of the season with one month to go before we start seeing some first signs of spring, I feel like I’m in constant search of places to hide out, warm up, and pass the time.

Paris Rendezvous

And when I am in need of some refuge and a little pick-me-up this time of year, there is a special little place I like to go. In fact, it’s a bit of a seasonal tradition since I’ve been in Paris — Angelina! This elegant belle époque tea room with its faded grandeur sits right in front of the Jardin des Tuileries and is practically a Paris landmark in itself. It’s been around since 1903! But I don’t come here for their tea, nor do the rest! In fact the house specialty is their very famous and very decadent chocolat chaud.

This isn’t your ordinary hot chocolate, this is the real deal and perfect for those like me who are quite gourmande — the french expression for being a bit greedy and indulgent when it comes to food! I might equate the phrase to something like “sweet tooth” in English, and if a sweet tooth is what you have, then Angelina’s is the place to be! I often rendezvous here with girlfriends to debrief from a busy week, or grab the news and cozy up by myself for a bit of sugar intake!

From the moment my Angelina’s hot chocolate arrives at my table, I can feel all those winter blues melting away. Served in an elegant little pitcher, its ultra thick texture, almost like pure melted chocolate, is absolutely mouthwatering as it’s poured into my teacup! It’s so rich and creamy sometimes people prefer to share old-fashioned hot chocolate like this, but I keep mine all to myself. Angelina’s famous hot chocolate also comes in three varieties — regular chocolate, white chocolate, and l’African which is a very special spiced version unique to the house. I’ve tried all three. But why stop there? I always order the Montblanc to eat with my hot chocolate — a fluffy meringue topped with cream and a chestnut purée.

But if you can’t make it Paris to enjoy Angelina’s hot chocolat, the good news is that I found this recipe online to make your own at home for those of you waiting out the winter elsewhere. And for a look as sweet and mouthwatering as an afternoon at Angelina’s, try Le Stylo Waterproof in Chocolat and L'Absolu Rouge in Crème de Marron!

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