All Rivers Lead to Paris — Sail Through the Last Days of Summer

It seems that stateside, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer each year. A nice three day weekend and last hurrah to enjoy those long summers days of splashing around in the sun one more time. Over here in France too, we’re all settling back into life in Paris after vacations away. But being back in Paris doesn’t mean that my friends and I have given up on summer just yet. So we decided to ride out the last days of the season in style, on a boat, barefoot in bathing suits…full speed ahead!

Paris Rendezvous

If all roads lead to Rome, then it seems in France all rivers lead to Paris, and in and around the city the Seine River is one of the main attractions, dividing the French capital into the left and right bank. But it is no coincidence that they decided to build Paris around this water way. France has over 80 navigable rivers and canals, natural and man made. The country’s history of settlement and consolidation of the nation, as well as its industrial and economic development is owed greatly to its advanced waterways. The inland navigation first on these rivers and then on the canals were built over more than three centuries, from 1642 to 1966, to link up the rivers and thus create a network that means one can travel continuously all through France via our canals and rivers.

Nowadays they still serve their original purpose, to transport goods around the country and into Northern Europe. But France’s historic river and canal system is also a big draw for tourists from all over the world looking to sail these calm waters and take in the sites along the way. But locals like my friends and I are no exception, we too love to enjoy a peaceful afternoon floating and boating and it’s never been easier to do than with Marin d’eau Douce.

These eco friendly, electric and quiet boats are the easiest and dreamiest way to sail the canals and rivers that surround Paris. While you start just outside of the city, one can ride all the way into Paris as many people do. We set off in mid afternoon and took turns at the helm while the others dragged their feet in the water, swam, and took in the nature and architectural sites along the way.

Our day aboard was the perfect opportunity to use up some of my Lancôme summer favorites. Swimming with Monsieur Big Waterproof is worry free as this version of my favorite mascara never runs — sweat and swim resistant! And of course for a day on the boat you can’t forget your sunscreen. For my face, Skin Feels Good has been indispensable all summer long. For long sunny days it evens out my skin tone while letting it breathe, keeping it hydrated, and protecting it with SPF 23. It’s also easy to reapply throughout the day, no sponge or brush required! I don’t think I would have made it through summer to Labor Day without these beauty essentials, and they’ll be in my bag until summer is officially over! I hope you too will get out this Labor Day and enjoy the last days of summer as the perfect excuse to use up some of the last of your favorite summer beauty products!

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