All About Brows: The ABC’s of Shaping & Sculpting

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the soul’s frame. For most of my life I struggled to get mine right until finally whipping them into shape recently once and for all. And wow...I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my overall look. If you’re looking to get your brows in tip top shape, here’s why you should and how to do it...

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• Well-shaped brows make our eyes look lifted and more open, and our face alert and rested.
• Properly sculpted brows flatter our face by making it look more angular and shapely.
• As we age, our brows thin out and sometimes go grey. Using makeup to create fuller and darker brows makes us look more youthful.

• Brow Brush — Brushing brows before plucking is essential to proper shaping and the best way to rid of excess foundation that can collect in them before penciling.
• Tweezers — Sharp tweezers save time and allow for precision when shaping. Two advantages of plucking are shaping your brows by tweezing below them, and cleaning them up by tweezing above to remove stray hairs. Be careful though to never get too tweezer happy.
• Micro Scissors — Use micro scissors when a few hairs have grown longer than the others, but never trim too much to maintain a natural look.
• Brow Pencil — Your brow pencil is to fill in sparse spots, darken color, accentuate shape, and add brow length. The key to a natural look is small repetitive strokes in the same direction to mimic hair growth.
• Highlighter — A bit of highlighter on the brow bone adds a bit of extra oomph to further accentuate your arch.

There are three essential points to your brows: the start, arch, and end. Align these points with the help of your brow pencil and the tips below. This should be the guideline for plucking and penciling.
A. To find where your brows should begin, simply follow a straight line directly up from the interior corner of the your eye.
B. Line your pencil up from the corner of your nose and through the iris of the eye to find the ideal arch of your brow. Wherever this line intersects the brow is where your arch should peak.
C. To plot the end point for your brows, line your pencil up from the outermost corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. Where this line intersects the eyebrow is where your brows should taper and end.

Les Sourcils Definis — My go to brow product from Lancôme, this pencil twists instead of requiring sharpening, lasts all day, and is ultra fine allowing you to create a natural look.
Sourcils Tint — This product is a fine tip brow marker that is perfect for creating extra bold brows that make a high fashion statement.
Modèle Sourcils — These tinted brow gels are an amazing all in one weapon to darken, add fullness, and sculpt brows so they’re whipped into shape for a casual day in a few seconds flat.

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