Age Is Just a Number — Rénergie Multi-Glow

Do you think age is just number? I’m not so sure yet. By month’s end I will have turned the big thirty, that somewhat nerve-wracking birthday that can be a big source of both stress and excitement. By now I’m supposed to have it all figured out…right? And while some things still remain to be seen, I’ve had a few important epiphanies by now. Like this for example: for all the world’s fixation on youth, I have to tell you I quite like getting older. To be young is wonderful, but to be older and wiser is something just as sweet.

Paris Rendezvous

I like to write about my birthday each year here on Paris Rendez-Vous because as a woman, I know time changes so much for us on the inside and out. With its passing the world outside us causes us to constantly reevaluate how we define ourselves as beautiful, and from the inside, our body seems to ask more of us to take care of our health, and as it pertains to Lancôme, our skin for sure.

Physically now I feel more confident than ever about my looks, for no other reason than that I’ve learned to celebrate the things I love, and embrace the things I know I never will. I’m not envious of the past, with perhaps one exception. When I was younger I would complain to my mother about my plump face and my all too rosy cheeks. She told me that someday I would miss them, and she was right. How do mothers always know?

My face has thinned out quite a bit now, and my rosy glow easily escapes me if I haven’t spoiled my complexion with a healthy diet, rest, and a life of no stress. Both of those are parts of aging, but there’s more factors that define aging skin. Of course we all think of the wrinkles. Some might consider even skin tone too, but then there is that je ne sais quoi. That quality of youthful vibrant skin that we can’t quite define but somehow still see. The radiance that is energetic and full of life…that’s the rosy glow.

But I’m not too worried about that either now, to be honest, as Lancôme has now captured that vital radiance in a jar. Rénergie Multi-Glow is more than just 24 hour hydration and comfort in a non-greasy formula. It’s a rosy tinted formula with just a touch of reflective properties to immediately restore a rosy glow to your skin, and over time nourish it to improve its texture and vitality, for glowing skin with or without makeup. The special ingredient is Schizandra red berry extract, which helps achieve plumper, smoother, and fresher looking skin.

Aging is beautiful — wrinkles, imperfections, all of that. Youthful skin isn’t about not looking older, it’s about looking as vibrant and healthy as ever and Rénergie Multi-Glow helps you achieve just that. So I’ll ask you again, is age just a number? With Rénergie Multi-Glow, I think it is…

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