A Signature Scent — Tips for Choosing & Wearing Your Favorite Fragrance

I feel like there comes a certain time in every woman’s life where by now, she should have a signature scent. Of course it’s subject to change. After all, it’s a woman’s prerogative to become whoever she wants to be, and her scent should reflect that. But those sort of changes take years, and so her fragrance might be one she sticks with for years at a time as well. It’s fun to change for a special occasion here and there, but our signature scent is the one we reach for on any ordinary extraordinary day without hesitation. It will come to define us, to those who are near us, to those who love us, and most of all ourselves, our memories and emotions. Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory.

Paris Rendezvous

This summer I travelled to Grasse, the fragrance capital of the world right here in France, and had the great fortune of meeting a world class nose — a woman no less and a true poet in every sense of the word. Her name is Céline, and while there I spent some time talking to her about fragrance and women, how she composes scents, and more importantly for me and you - how to choose the right fragrance and the ways in which we can wear it. I absolutely loved what she had to say and I wanted to share her tips here, some of which surprised me. I hope they will surprise and delight you too, and come to mind the next time you chose a new scent or put on your favourite fragrance.

How to Chose a Signature Scent

Follow your nose only, and don’t get caught up in wordy descriptions. Never start by applying a scent directly to your body. Smell the bottle, then use a fragrance strip, and then and only then if you like, permit it on your skin.

• Choosing a fragrance is like choosing a partner. It’s the life of a couple, if you will, and in order to chose the partner you must spend some time together before you commit. Try your fragrance first and spend a day with it and see how it goes. This way you’ll know if you’re a good match in life.

Read a fragrance like a story. Perfumes have top, middle, and base notes each which emerge at different times and none of which are there by chance. They have been selected by a nose to tell a story. Take a deep breath and find out what that story is for you, and if it’s one you want to tell the world.

Applying Your Fragrance

• The most common way, of course, to wear perfume is by applying it to behind your ears and wrists. This is perfect for a date. If you’ll be cozying up next to someone they’ll pick up on your fragrance when you move in to wrap your arms around them or lean in for a kiss.

• But there are more effective ways of dispersing your fragrance evenly and gently like spraying it in your hair. Spraying your hair with your scent will leave a beautiful trace of your fragrance everywhere you play with it or move about and it blows in the wind.

The second way is to apply your fragrance to your stomach. This may seem odd but it’s quite effective. Your fragrance will evenly permeate your clothing, and as loved ones go to embrace you, air travels upward through your clothing carrying with it your signature scent.

Don’t forget, if you’re in the market for a new scent stop by a Lancôme counter to experience La Vie Est Belle L’Éclat. It has certainly enchanted me…
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