French Lesson: Season’s Greetings & Conversation Starters

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year of Paris Rendez-Vous with Lancôme! In that time we’ve gotten to explore so many amazing highlights of the French Capital in food, fashion, beauty, and more. I hope by now you feel a little closer to the City of Lights that is home to Lancôme, and like a budding Francophile...


Of course one of the best ways to connect with a place is the language, and French is one of the most beautiful of all. I shared a few of my tips and useful phrases in the past in a little French 101 post that will come in handy should you find yourself here. But by now we’re ready to move to the next level, so if you end up amongst the French in a soirée or other social setting this holiday season, here are my suggestions for engaging in a little Parisian conversation. Of course, it takes time and good practice to be well-equipped to converse in any language, but we all have to begin somewhere. Study these expressions and try them out the next time you have the chance to strike up a conversation en français...

Conversation starters (formal / informal)...

Comment vous appelez-vous? / Comment tu t’appelles? → What’s your name?

Comment allez-vous? / Comment ça va? → How are you doing?

Vous connaissez qui à la soirée / Tu connais qui à la soirée? → Who do you know at the party?

When making a toast...

Sante! → Cheers! (casual)

À la vôtre! → Cheers! (formal)

Chin chin! → Cheers! (friendly)

To show gratitude...

Merci du fond du coeur. → Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Merci à tous d’être venu. → Thank you everyone for coming over.

C’ést un plaisir de vous avoir parmi nous. → It’s a pleasure having you here.

Season's greetings...

Joyeuses fêtes! → Happy Holidays!

Joyeux Noël! → Merry Christmas!

Bonne année! → Happy New Year!

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