L’Absolu Lacquer: the lipstick of conquerors

"Lead the way. Brilliantly!" is the high-impact slogan that accompanies the new lip lacquer makeup, L’Absolu Lacquer. And it works!
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A red designed to make us "powerful".

Behind this new slogan "Lead the way. Brilliantly!", the house of Lancôme is inviting women to take action. More specifically, to write their own rules, make decisions about their future, inspire the world and share with it their own vision of happiness. And to achieve this, what better than the shiny lacquered finish and bold colors of L’Absolu Lacquer ?

A winning formula on all accounts.

Because today's women demand perfection with each application, L’Absolu Lacquer combines three actions for an ultra-desirable finish: a buildable lipstick formula that boosts the shine and color throughout the applications. A light and fresh makeup texture thanks to its unique oil and water-based emulsion. A glycerin-enriched formula for an ultra-comfortable result and lips that remain hydrated for up to 8 hours.

3 application techniques.

To create different lip color looks according to the time of day, the fine and light texture of L’Absolu Lacquer , combined with its high-precision makeup applicator, allows you to adapt the level of intensity of both the color and the shine.

One layer

A natural and relaxed lip look, ideal for going to work.

Two layers

A formal look, to assert yourself and put forward your ideas at work meetings.

Three layers

A sexy and bold look that will catch everyone's eye in the evening.

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