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  • How to use Eyeliner to Create the Siren Eye Makeup Look

How to use Eyeliner to Create the Siren Eye Makeup Look

Article Published: 19 August 2022

Learn how to create the siren eye makeup and siren eyeliner from TikTok with this easy eyeliner tutorial for all eye shapes. Discover eyeliner tips and tricks.

Siren eyeliner is the latest eye makeup trend and is fast becoming a top TikTok eyeliner hack. Sultry and enticing this dramatic eye makeup look is perfect for a night out and adding drama to the eyes.

What is a Siren Eye Makeup Look

The siren eye is a fresh take on a variety of different eyeliner looks and almost a blend of the winged eyeliner look and inner corner eyeliner look. The siren eyeliner looks creates a sultry, sexy, and dramatic eye makeup look that is reminiscent of the dramatic eyes worn by siren’s - often considered an alluring symbol of seduction.

How to Create the Siren Eye

The key to creating the viral TikTok siren eye is to focus all the attention on the outer corner of the eyes. You can play around with the siren eye look depending on your preference for something more subtle looking or dramatic. Overall adding a combination of eyeliner and eyeshadow together can really elevate the look for the siren eye effect.

How to Do Siren Eyeliner

When applying the siren eyeliner look it’s important to focus the eyeliner application on the very outer corner and third of the eye and ensure that it doesn’t take up too much lid space (this also makes it a great eyeliner look for those with hooded eyes, monolids, or very little eyelid space).

Step 1: Draw a wing from the outer corner of your eye upwards and stop applying the eyeliner once you reach the crease of your eye. Use the area where your lower and upper waterlines connect as a guide to identify the best angle for the eyeliner.

Step 2: After drawing the line and creating the wing eyeliner flick, connect it to your upper lash line.

Step 3: Connect the end of your wing to the crease by drawing a line across your upper eyelid, almost creating a cut crease eyeliner illusion just on the outer corner of the upper eyelid.

Step 4: Apply a black pencil eyeliner on your upper waterline and between your eyelashes to tightline.

Step 5: Fill in your bottom lashes with the black eyeliner, drawing half a line from the center of your lower lashline towards your outer corner.

Step 6: Use a small brush to blend out the pencil eyeliner, if you wish you can choose to go over the line with a black eyeshadow to further emphasize the siren eye and create a sultry and smudged effect.

Step 7: If desired, use a small brush or liquid eyeliner to apply thin eyeliner at the very inner corner of the eye and create an inner corner eyeliner effect to further create the sultry look of siren eyes.

Makeup tutorial showing how to apply siren eyeliner with liquid eyeliner

Siren Eyeliner can also be created with liquid eyeliner. Apply eyeliner in a winged shape and then draw a small inner corner eyeliner shape at the inner corners of the eyes for a simple and elegant siren eye effect.

Eyeshadow and Siren Eyes

Siren eyes can be teamed with minimal eyeshadow or “clean” eyes, but for the most siren look it’s best teamed with some dramatic eyeshadow or smokey eyeliner look.

To recreate our siren eye look, use our Hypnôse 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Smokey Chic. Apply the shimmering silver shade directly to the center of the eyelid and to the inner corners of the eyes to create shimmer and luminosity. Where desired, add extra black eyeshadow to the areas where the siren eyeliner is applied to create a smoky eye effect to complement the siren eye.

Mascara for Siren Eyes

To complete the siren eye look a mascara which helps to elongate and lift the lashes is your best option. Our Lash Idôle Mascara is perfect for creating this look as it targets and volumizes every single lash for instant lash lift, length, and fanned out volume with no clumps. With its curved mascara wand this lash-lifting mascara pushes up & fans out lashes for an open eye effect lasting up to 24 hours while the 360 micro-bristles grab every lash from root to tip (no matter the length) for longer eyelashesc without the clumps. Focus on applying the mascara on the outer corner lashes to really emphasis the siren eye shape. You can either choose to leave the mascara at that, but for a more dramatic look to complement the smokey drama of siren eyes create a lash cocktail by layering a few coats of Monsieur Big Mascara our volumizing mascara that helps to create your most dramatic lashes yet. Providing up to 12x more volume compared to natural lashes this volumizing mascara provides lashes with a false lash effect that lasts up to 24 hours without flaking, clumping, or smudging. Simply apply one to two coats after using Lash Idôle Mascara and focus the application on the outer corners of the eyes.

Siren Eyeliner look created using a blue liquid eyeliner on dark brown eyes

Our Eyeliner for Siren Eyeliner

The siren eyeliner look can be created with either a pencil eyeliner thanks to their soft texture and ability to smudge and soften or with a liquid eyeliner for clean and crisp look.

Our Drama Liqui-Pencil Waterproof Gel Pencil Eyeliner is our best recommendation for creating the siren eye look with a pencil. With a unique hybrid gel-liquid formula it has the high pigment and smoothness of a liquid eyeliner but the pencil allows for an easy and seamless eyeliner application that delivers intense color in just one stroke. When applied the eyeliner remains soft and creamy, allowing for a little play time to smudge, blend, soften, and correct any mistakes but once set, does not smudge, flake, fade or transfer and lasts for up to 24 hours.

For liquid eyeliner we recommend our Idôle Felt-Tip Liquid Eyeliner. The flexible ultra slim felt tip allows for ultimate ease of precision and the ergonomic packaging enables seamless application to the lash line. The formula is waterproof, provides up to 24 hours of wear time, and doesn’t flake, smudge or fade. Plus, it’s available in brown, grey, blue, and green eyeliner shades.

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