Makeup artist Alexey Molchanov on the best mascara for short thin lashes from Lancôme

Wondering what the best Lancôme mascara for short thin lashes is? Ask the pros! Lancôme make-up artist Alexey Molchanov tells us about his tips & tricks.
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Introducing Alexey Molchanov, Lancôme’s expert make-up artist

Hailing from Russia, Molchanov has been a part of the Lancôme family since 2007. After graduating from Art College with a degree in interior design, Molchanov started working as a makeup artist at a film production company and enjoyed the job so much he stayed in on in the trade.

“The best thing about working at Lancôme is that it’s a giant circle of friends who I meet every day with. We are not just co-workers, we are a big family,” he says.

Molchanov enjoys travelling the world on assignement, had worked with supermodels, and as a self-proclaimed romantic, he says, “When I look at any woman I see the beauty.”

Part 1 – My Favourite Mascara: Définicils

What’s the best mascara for short thin lashes at Lancôme? “I love using Définicils because it is a legendary product which just works!”

Give us 3 reasons you think this is the best mascara for short thin lashes from Lancôme?

“1. Définicils is well-known mascara and everybody recognizes it when I work with.

2. Définicils is a favorite mascara of models I work with.

3. Définicils really works!”

Is one mascara enough to add length to lashes? “It depends, but Définicils is enough to get beautiful, long eyelashes! It’s my choice for the best mascara for short thin lashes. When I mix and match, I love to use Définicils with Hypnôse Drama for a dramatic effect.”

What’s your secret for long eyelashes and natural-looking mascara? “My secret is to curl the eyelashes before applying mascara. I use the eyelash curler in 99% of my makeup sessions.”

Part 2: My Top 5 ‘Forever Lashes’ Tips!

What are your top tips for long-lasting mascara?

What’s the best non-clumping mascara move? Quickly does it!

“I always apply 2 coats of mascara for short thin lashes - and the trick is to apply it fast, before the first coat of mascara gets too dry.”

Lengthen eyelashes with Cils Booster XL

“For women with shorter lashes I recommend you use Cils Booster XL eyelash primer. I love this product! It’s a great base before applying the best Lancôme mascara for short thin lashes like Définicils .”

Reach all lashes

“To reach the teeny tiny corner lashes I use tiny fan brush.”

Yes, less is more!

“Less is more is my motto!”

Keep it smooth, because even the best-rated mascara must be cared for!

“To store mascara to make sure it stays smoother for longer, don’t allow the penetration of air to the tube and keep it really well closed. It really stops the mascara from drying out.”

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