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A Scent for Sustainability - Refillable Perfume with La vie est belle

The right scent will have you looking, smelling, and feeling your best – but what if you could also feel better by selecting a scent which considers sustainability?

La vie est belle our iconic scent is reimagined with a new eco-designed refillable and recyclable bottle which symbolizes Lancôme’s sustainable luxury approach. Expressing Lancôme's action for future happiness the brand unveils a new eco-designed refillable version.

The new vision of sustainability helps to reduce the environmental footprint of La vie est belle to the fullest extent without changing the sensory experience that makes the scent iconic.

Working together hand in hand to create a successful, sustainable, and refillable perfume — the Lancôme Perfumes and Packaging teams collaborated on this ambitious idea to reinvent the perfume.

Sustainably Sourced Perfume Ingredients and Notes

The perfume's raw materials and fragrance notes feature sustainably sourced ingredients. For example — the Patchouli essential to the La vie est belle fragrance comes from a sustainable source in Bali and iris pallida butter sustainably sourced from France. Right down to the heart of its formula La vie est belle aligns with the brand's commitments by acting to better respect biodiversity and the environment.

Environmentally Conscious Perfume Packaging

Beyond its internal heart of sustainability sourced ingredients — the new La vie est belle also considers the environmental effects of its packaging. The revolutionized bottle of La vie est belle perfume sees a bottle which reduces the weight of glass by 13% without changing its iconic look. Meanwhile the sustainable and recyclable packaging makes an effort to reduce the environmental footprint of the outer packaging to help 15 tons of cardboard per year.

When it comes to refilling —the famous "crystal smile" of the bottle can be recycled and refilled. A simple yet obvious gesture allows those who call La vie est belle their signature scent to feel better about their environmental impact as the new bottle and refillable component will save 50% of glass, 46% of cardboard, 46% of plastic*. One million bottles, or 223 tons of glass, will be saved each year.
*Savings on a 50ml refillable bottle associated with a 100ml refill VS 3 non-refillable 50ml bottles.

How to Refill La vie est belle Refillable Perfume

When it comes time to reuse and refill your favorite La vie est belle perfume there are a few steps to take.

To refill your bottle: remove the cap of your perfume bottle and unscrew the metallic pump. Position the refill container on top of the bottle. Turn the refill slightly to the left to start the refilling. After use twist the refill cap slightly to the right to close it.
*All sizes of La vie est belle are slowly transitioning to a refillable format for a more radiant future. The new refillable version has updated packaging with a refillable callout on the outer carton.

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