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Our Best Travel Essentials to Pack in Your Toiletry Bag

Travel size toiletries, like these travel essentials, are a must for packing light. Stash lightweight foundation, skincare products, and more before you depart.

As exciting as upcoming travel plans may be, there’s always the riddle of figuring out which travel size toiletries to pack in your bag. It’s the last step before you can pack your bag and head out of town, whether to catch some sun, swim, and get reacquainted with nature. What can help: Think of your toiletry bag as an optimized, travel size version of your usual beauty routine. Here, are some travel essentials you might find in a Parisian woman’s bag:

Travel Essential: Her go-to lipstick

Almost without fail you find a French woman’s favorite rouge in her toiletry bag. Once upon a time that might have been her favorite shade of red lipstick, but with so many options these days, it could be any of the rich, highly-pigmented colors of L'Absolu Rouge Ruby.

Travel Essential: Hair accessories

Who needs a hairbrush when you’ve got bedhead? It’s especially elegant with a beautiful tortoise hair clip or metallic hair pin — perfect for throwing her hair up on-the-go in a chic French twist, or chignon as we say in French!

Travel Essential: Lightweight foundation

You can’t go wrong with a natural makeup look, especially when it comes to foundation. You probably won’t find travel size toiletries like powder compact in her purse to banish shine — she likes her dewy glow. So instead she carries a BB or CC cream with light coverage that keeps skin moisturized and protected from the sun.

H2: Travel Essential: Skincare staples

French girls are all about skincare — morning, noon, and night. Surely she has a beauty pick-me-up or two stashed among her travel size toiletries, like her favorite hand cream or Lancôme’s Énergie de Vie Eye, an illuminating and anti-fatigue cooling eye gel (perfect for jet lag). It’s tiny, so easily tossed in your toiletry, with its on-the-go roller format.

Travel Essential: Fragrance

With fragrance as the strongest sense tied to memory, it makes sense to bring a nice scent on your travels — perhaps a new one to commemorate a time to remember, or a favorite you wear daily. The Maison Lancôme collection is now available in sizes to fit among travel size toiletries, having appointed some of the greatest contemporary perfumers to pay homage to Lancôme’s founder, Armand Petitjean.

Some of the travel size scents can already be found in the Maison Lancôme collection, such as Ôud Bouquet, a rich, woody scent mixed with a touch of rose praline delicacy . Others in the travel size are new additions, like Orange Brigades with bitter orange essence that reminds me of an Apérol Spritz. Add them to your toiletry bag and you’ll be reminded of amazing memories from summer travels when you’re back home.

Going somewhere? You can find travel size versions of all your favorite Lancôme products in one place on our dedicated Travel Size page. With easy-to-pack travel essentials, such as mascara, makeup remover and fragrance, you’ll be able to fit everything into your toiletry bag — no sweat.


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