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Say Yes to Happiness with Oui La vie est belle

Article Published: 19 February 2022

Discover what makes Oui La vie est belle special. The new bright & floral fragrance a burst of happiness with notes of Iris, Rose, Raspberry and Pink Pepper.

La vie est belle is our classic perfume that celebrates the beauty of life and it now enters a new chapter. “OUI” La vie est belle writes a new chapter of saying YES to joy, celebrating the beauty of new opportunities and of living in the moment.

The Scent and Perfume Notes

A bright & floral fragrance — Oui La vie est belle continues to feature the classic La vie est belle's signature gourmand notes and the iconic Iris which plays hero in all of the La vie est belle perfumes. With more intensified iris and base notes Oui La vie est belle is enhanced with rich florals and fresh juicy fruits to create a new and exciting bright floral bouquet.

The perfume has a zesty and colorful top of fruity bergamot, pink pepper and juicy raspberry accord whilst the middle and heart of the perfume features rich rose centifolia and ylang ylang. At the bottom of the perfume lies an abundant base of patchouli, gourmand accord, and iris to intensify the addictive and sensual signature of La vie est belle.

Raspberry Accord: Sweet-tart raspberry which adds sweetness a burst of energy.

Ylang Ylang: A rich, warm fruity-floral which adds brightness.

Pink Pepper: Fruity and spicy a fresh top note which adds an unexpected twist.

Rose Centifolia: An exclusive Lancôme essence produced from sustainably sourced roses in Turkey.

Jasmine: The flower of love radiates its captivating bright and seductive notes.

The Bottle

La vie est belle’s classic bottle isn’t going anywhere far with our new Oui La vie est belle. The iconic crystal bottle shows off the fragrance but features a beautiful burst of firework gold sparkles, like a burst of happiness. Playing homage to the happiness and brightness the perfume celebrates.

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