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How to Use Idôle Power Mist — Hair Mist and Body Mist

Article Published: 4 April 2022

Learn how to use Idôle Power Mist, a perfumed hair mist and body spray which leaves skin with an instant soft touch and intensified scent.

A perfume mist, body mist and hair mist all in one — Idôle Power Mist is one product-one spritz with three benefits and uses. A new and exciting addition to your perfume routine and part of creating your scent story Idôle Power Mist helps to further immerse you in the sophistication of Idôle. La Power Mist empowers you from head to toe, reminding you that you can do anything you set your mind to.

What is a Hair and Body Perfume Mist?

Perfumes are the most commonly used product in ones’ quest to elude a beautiful scent and you may choose to incorporate a matching shower gel or body lotion as part of this to further immerse yourself in your chosen perfume but you may ask yourself what is a hair mist and body mist and how do I use this in my routine?

Our new Idôle Power Mist brings together the best of all worlds – it’s one spray with three benefits. A multi-purpose enhancing perfume, hair mist, and body spray to perfume the skin and hair – it’s suitable for use as a refreshing perfume mist, a perfumed body mist and a perfumed hair mist. Idôle Power Mist allows you to fully immerse yourself into the scent of Idôle with a generous 5% concentration of perfume leaving a trail of the Idôle scent all over.

The Idôle Perfume Scent

With a fresh floral allure Idôle is one of our most renowned fragrances. Sophisticated yet unapologetically modern it’s a fresh fragrance that layers together bright citrus, clean rose, spotless jasmine and warm white musks and vanilla.

At the base of the fragrance is bottom notes of white musk, warm vanilla, patchouli and cedarwood, in the middle you’ll find the iconic perfume ingredient – the rose. Centred around the rose – an iconic ingredient and emblem of Lancôme Idôle features four different roses plus a touch of Jasmine to complement and modernize the scent. At the very top are notes of fresh bergamot citrus, juicy pear and pink peppercorn which help to add a touch of freshness.

Idôle Power Mist: How to Use Body Mist

As a perfume mist with three different uses and benefits Idôle Power Mist shines when used as a body mist – with its silky fine mist it provides an instant soft touch to the skin that doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin. Its upgraded spray head allows for generous application of the mist so you can effortlessly mist the scent over the entire body.

For an added effect and longer lasting scent apply the body mist prior to applying Idôle perfume. As Idôle power mist works to hydrate the skin when used as a body mist it may also help to intensify the scent of Idôle perfume. Hydrated skin typically hold scent longer and allows for any perfume applied to not only last longer but also enhance a variety of the different notes in a perfume so you can enjoy a more complex scent.

Idôle Power Mist: How to Use as a Hair Perfume Mist

Another area where Idôle Power Mist shines is when used as a hair perfume. Hair is often capable of holding scent for a longer period of time than the body – but applying perfume to the hair is typically discouraged as the alcohol content can dry out your strands. Carefully formulated and designed for all over use Idôle Power Mist has been designed so it may also be used to perfume the hair. The generous spritzer of the perfume mist allows you to effortlessly apply scent to the hair when used as a hair perfume. As the wind blows through your hair the trail of Idôle will prevail.

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