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Vogue Beauty Elite* Rave Reviews

"…the next big thing in skincare is here. Let Lancôme Visionnaire Blur take your skin to another level."

Tracey Payton, IL

"Immediately upon use I noticed a definite difference in the look of my skin. My pores seemed to disappear and my fine lines were much less noticeable, if at all! Lancôme Visionnaire Blur definitely blurs all of my imperfections."

Stephanie Kay, FL

"In a small tube, you have a little bit of magic. It is not a miracle, but it is not too far from it. You look at your skin, and you wish it looked better or even younger. So take this small tube, put a little bit on the tip of your fingers, gently put it on your face and look at your skin a bit closer, it glows, it is unified, you feel much better, you feel reassured!"

Euphemia Uvick, OR

 "I love the way this product instantly improved the look of my skin. It went on smoothly and gave my skin a wonderful matte appearance. It is not greasy at all. My skin looked better and better with each application. It toned down the look of my pores and fine lines."

Susan Wooten, SC

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