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Le Curler

Effortless Lash Design
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    Introducing Le Curler, the latest lash curler innovation from Lancôme for instant lift and lasting, dramatic curl. Its specially designed hinge and no-slip grip give you ultimate control to prevent pinching and pulling for the most dramatic lash result.

    So gentle on your lashes, the unique silicone pads guard against lash breakage and cushion every lash for a sweeping, crease-free curl. The precise curved design of the curler fits any eye shape and lash type, and easily captures all of your lashes.

    This combination of hinge, curve and silicone pads will ensure you’re applying just the right amount of pressure every time for a beautiful lash look. Finally... effortless curling your lashes will love!

    When to Replace
    For the ultimate in lash results, remember to replace the silicone pad every 3 months. Regularly clean the silicone rubber pad with a clean, dry tissue, and replace it with the accompanying refill pad once the initial silicone pad is worn down.

    Once you’ve used the accompanying refill pad, make sure to replace the curler with a new one. This is important to ensure maximum precision and to avoid any damage to the eyes or lashes.


    • Instantly creates a sweeping fringe and lasting curl
    • Lifts and shapes the lashes for an eye-opening effect
    • Fits any eye shape or lash type
    • Pinch-free. Crease-free.


    • Gentle silicone pads cushion the lashes and guard against lash breakage
    • Unique curved angle design shapes every last lash and fits all eye shapes and lash types
    • Precisely engineered hinge allows for the perfect amount of pressure to be applied to the lashes
    • Specially designed no-slip grip allows for ultimate control

    Le Curler Effortless How-To

    Download How-To
    Le Curler How-to Step 1

    STEP 1

    Use the eyelash curler before applying mascara primer or primer to prevent damage to the lashes. Open the eyelash curler by spreading the handles of the curler.
    Le Curler How-to Step 2

    STEP 2

    Carefully position curler along the base of upper lash line. Gently rest lashes between curler and the silicone pad.
    Le Curler How-to Step 3

    STEP 3

    Gently apply pressure to the lashes and hold in place for 3-5 seconds, being careful not to tug skin. Avoid adding excessive pressure as this may cause damage to lashes.
    Le Curler How-to Step 4

    STEP 4

    Repeat process up to 3 times, curling lashes upward and outward starting from the base and working toward the ends of lashes. For more curl, repeat these steps until desired curl is achieved.



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