This way for natural brows

How to achieve perfect brows by Lisa Eldridge with Lancôme

Forget over-plucked arches, the key to beautiful face-framing brows lies with a look that’s lush, thick and entirely natural-looking. Ready to up your brow game? Reach for the right tools and you can bluff your way there no matter how fine or sparse your brows are. Whether you need to tease, tame or trick your way to the ultimate brows, watch now for Lisa Eldridge’s brow masterclass with three complementary Lancôme makeup must-haves for accentuating your face with complete confidence. From filling brow gaps and adding color with Le Crayon Poudre, to shaping and defining brows with Sourcils Définis and finally setting with the Sourcils Styler, Eldridge shares expert makeup tricks and techniques for brushing brows to beautifully thick perfection. Whether you mix and match, or combine all three products, the choice is yours.

Before / After