Wrap up smooth-skinned beauty

Most gifts deliver joy, this new beauty box set guarantees radiant complexion perfection for a gift that will see skin glowing way into 2017.

Think bright, think refreshed, think firm and think floral and you have all the makings of this stunning skincare holiday gift set. That’s because when it comes to luxurious skincare, nothing compares to the masterpiece that is Absolue L’Extrait with its revolutionary native rose cell-enriched formula designed to increase skin elasticity and create firmer, more radiant skin.

This holiday season the classic bouquet of roses has met its rival. Containing two million native rose cells, Lancôme’s power-packed Absolue L’Extrait elixir has been given the festive treatment to create the ultimate beauty gift of the year. Complete with a 50 ml jar of Absolue L’Extrait and 30 ml of Absolue Extrait Serum, this indulgent pairing and jewel in Lancôme’s technological crown is sure to set the tone for a beautiful year to come.

Absolue L’Extrait Holiday Set, Lancôme.

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