Flower power

Flowers: they do keep a bunch of powers hidden behind all those pretty petals. Fragrant and filled with a ton of active ingredients, flowers hide a host of surprising properties that can resonate with the human body, skin and spirit. No wonder then that in our city-dwelling lives it’s becoming more and more important to surround ourselves with regenerative flowers. All so we can find more inner balance while boosting our inner and outer natural beauty. Read on for more of Lancôme’s essentials for floral-based wellbeing.

A floral reconnection with nature
As we live life at today’s increasingly wired pace, it’s never been more important to find a few beautiful ways to reconnect to the natural world. After all, when you bring flowers into the home, you don’t simply introduce a decorative element to the house, you also go some way in reestablishing an important link with nature (something city dwellers often miss), not to mention a connection to our roots. To boost the flowers' natural effect, florist Stanislas Draber recommends in-season blooms to really enjoy their pure fragrance. “To be in perfect harmony with nature, you have to follow the seasons and the natural cycles of the flower.” Flowers connect us to a more natural time, one that’s far removed from the busy lifestyle city life serves up nowadays.
Stanislas Draber, 19 Rue Racine, 75006 Paris. Tel: + 33 1 43 29 07 88.

First-class flowers
By harnessing nature’s power, herbal medicine has traditionally looked to flowers, using them within many a remedy.

Blooms for beauty
History has it that ancient beauty queen Cleopatra turned to rose petals to maintain her youthful good looks. And, in the same way (but by applying much more modern science), Lancôme has looked to the power of rose, the brand’s historic symbol, to unleash a surprising range of active ingredients that can bolster treatments and work wonders on the skin. Just take Absolue L’Extrait Serum for example with its formula that’s rich in rose native cells and which is designed to rejuvenate the skin and foster a soft, velvety texture. Or even consider the revitalizing serum-in-mask Hydra Zen Masque, made with French rose extract known to soothe and hydrate skin that’s put under pressure by the environment or stress. Just apply and with each application, enjoy a little freshness, like a dose of petal-soft morning dew.