Should you change your mascara color for fall?

While black mascara is by far a firm favorite, its dark color can be hard to pull off at certain times of year. In fact, right after the summer, from July to September, tanned, golden skin can make it simple to wear a smoky eye or gray eyeshadow colors. However, as soon as summer’s glow has faded, typically at the beginning of October, it’s time to rediscover your natural skin tone. That means it’s better to try a few softer and fresher shades of mascara.

So for fall, the answer is yes! And the ideal color for any transition into autumn is brown. After all, as a tone that pairs perfectly with blush or pinkish eyeshadows, there’s nothing better suited for bringing a little fresh beauty to the face. Our expert advice? Choose a brown mascara that will keep eyes looking bright and wide such as Definicils in Deep Brown, with its expertly designed wand and precise brush that makes for flawlessly even application. And as for Definicils’ Deep Black shade? Keep hold of it until the end of the season, when more sophisticated eye looks start to make their return.

Definicils Deep Black, Definicils Deep Brown, Lancôme.

©Nicolas Valois