Seven things you need to forget to be happy

Take a step back, experience a little serenity and put your thoughts in context with these tips for increasing happiness by a few notches.

1) Reproach
There’s no point blaming those around you for what you are feeling (or not feeling!) You are the only person responsible for well-being in your life, so it’s time to act as such.

2) The past
There’s no doubting that the past helps create the person that you are today, but it’s also important never to forget life takes place in the present. It’s a shame to not make the most of it.

3) Approval from others
Do what makes you happy or makes your life better without placing any importance on what others around you might think.

4) Perfectionism
A perfect life doesn’t exist, just as the perfect body or perfect partner doesn’t exist either. When we create an idealized image of the world, we’re prevented from moving forward in life, quite simply because it’s unobtainable. Admit this and you’ll start to see life in a completely different way.

5) Control
The Chinese sage Lao Tseu, said it all: “By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond winning.”

6) Fear
Our fears are just illusions, they don’t exist because we create them! Consider this for immediate reassurance.

7) Change
Change is a necessary part of growth and it cannot be avoided. Nothing is fixed for all eternity. Accepting this fact with peace can immediately make life all the more enriching.