1967: Lancômatique, Lancôme’s first brand mascara

Because women never failed to inspire Armand Petitjean, he often looked to them to get more understanding about their beauty habits. As a result, in the 1960s he discovered that mascara, French women’s favorite makeup tool, was something they bought depending on the length, thickness and volume of their lashes.

The Lancôme founder needed little other and in 1967 he created Lancômatique, the brand’s very first mascara and an ingenious, unique little formula designed to satisfy even the most demanding of beauty lovers. Since then, the house has released around 30 different mascaras with Grandiôse’s highly innovative swan-neck design being the most recent. In fact, there isn’t a makeup lover who doesn’t have their very own favorite.

Lancômatique, Lancôme.