Caroline de Maigret’s Grandiôse Extrême Mascara look

“When night falls, I love feeling different and changing my look a little. It gives me that feeling that anything can happen and that I can hide behind this ‘other me’. I go for makeup that highlights the eyes and accentuates their unique character, using Lancôme’s extra thick, dark black Grandiôse Extrême mascara and dark black Crayon Khôl eyeliner pencil.

Sometimes I also add a few false lashes to the corners of the eyes for doe-eyed beauty. Black-lined eyes help me adventure into the night by creating a lot of mystery. I stick to kohl eyeliner pencil to help spotlight and combat tired looking eyes. It’s a simple look, but it helps me feel different, self-confident and undoubtedly it flusters anyone who looks into my eyes. Better yet, there’s no need to go out with eye makeup remover for touch-ups because the black colors smudge into a deep smoky eye look that lasts all night long.”

Caroline de Maigret.