How to accentuate sparse lashes

Certainly not by overburdening them with mascara eye makeup, the experts always reply. In fact, there’s nothing like it for weighing them down and making them look artificial.

Instead, makeup professionals suggest using two essential moves for a much more natural-looking result:

1. Using your index finger, stretch the upper lash line and lift towards the edge of the brow. Then, as you detect sparse spots, fill them using small spots of eye pencil at the base of the lashes.

2. Once lashes have been redefined, apply mascara, always moving from the outer edge to the inner corner of the eye. For the perfect coverage, apply in zigzag motion.

Turn to these complementary products for the best results:

Le Stylo Waterproof
eyeliner pencil
Thanks to a precision design, this eye pencil makeup is perfect for filling in the spots between lashes, no matter whether you opt for a black or brown shade. Meanwhile, its waterproof formula makes for incredible hold from morning until night -- even after a turn on the dance floor.

Grandiôse Extrême
Come evening, opt for something a little bolder with Grandiôse Extrême. Boasting a swan neck-shaped wand, look no further for generous, evenly applied mascara from root to tip and a long-lasting volume-boosting formula that brings incredible lash density.

Le Stylo Waterproof eyeliner pencil, Lancôme.

Grandiôse Extrême Mascara, Lancôme.

©Nicolas Valois