A homemade anti-aging skincare revolution

It’s an exclusive preparation that has been especially designed to protect and maintain the sensuous nature of its formula, and a made-to-measure beauty ritual that creates immediate anti-aging results for your skin.

Discover Absolue L'Extrait Serum in Mask with Rose, Lancôme’s latest skin-freshening formula that’s composed and applied on demand to help skin recover its visible glow, luminosity and bright youthfulness.

What’s the secret behind Absolue L'Extrait’s Serum in Mask with Rose ability to replenish the skin with anti-aging actives for unbeatable freshness?

A special process that suspends the ingredients. In concrete terms: micro-fluid technology is used to suspend rose oil extracts within specially designed beads. The advantage? Because active anti-aging skincare ingredients are only released once the formula is blended, they’re preserved from oxidization, so guaranteed to maintain freshness. Once beads have been mixed with serum and the entire preparation has been applied to the face, it takes just five minutes to plump and the skin to glow with bright, renewed youth.

And that’s not all! The made-to-order nature of this new product has been inspired by treatments at the Lancôme Institute, creating a sensuous and playful new dimension to skincare, making it perfect for anyone who loves to play with texture and personalize their beauty products.

The numbers illustrate everything you need to know: the results of this new ritual are simply incredible as increased hydration, revitalization and even tone leave the skin looking improved faster than ever before.

Absolue L'Extrait Serum in Mask with Rose, Lancôme.