Trend: An anti­-aging revolution you blend yourself

Prepare for a luxurious treatment and a truly replenishing beauty experience that puts you in control.

Think: incredible anti­-aging power with this highly efficient formula that’s been designed to release anti­-aging potential via a blend of active ingredients that have been especially preserved from oxidation.

Who for?
Anybody who loves to take their beauty ritual in hand, blend textures and play with products with sensuous results. Not to mention demanding women who appreciate sophisticated anti­-aging regimens.

The pick?
Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask. Using the special spatula, simply take a dose of rose beads and place in the bottom of the mixing cup. Next, add an entire tube of serum. As the two products come into contact, the beads will melt and release essential rose oil. Blend the mask well before applying across the face. Leave for five minutes for a radiant, fresher-­looking complexion that feels as soft as a petal on the surface and looks smoother, brighter and much more even in color and tone

Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask, Lancôme.