Volumize lashes with Grandiôse Extrême

Right from its launch, Grandiôse garnered plenty of attention for its shape and super high­tech formula. Now back with an all-­new Extrême version, Lancôme’s mascara gem remains the ultimate makeup must­-have accessory for stylish Parisiennes. Time to take a closer look.

What's special about Grandiôse Extrême’s ultra volume­-boosting formula?

The first thing comes in the shape of its elastomer brush designed with special bristles set in pairs of two for greater lash separation, smoother more even coverage and the ideal way to deliver the perfect amount of product even down to the very smallest of lashes. Hence the insane amount of volume!

The second comes with the product’s formula, as Grandiôse Extrême boasts a rich and thick texture that’s filled with adhesive polymers that cover and coat lashes without budging. Better yet, you won’t find any of mascara’s traditionally heavy waxes in this formula. Instead, they’ve been replaced with soft wax that helps to build extra­ volume.

And finally comes color with a new intensely black dark shade that comes from a slew of super-­fine pigments and color-­boosting polymers that work together to evenly disperse color over the lashes and reveal optimal beauty and boldness.

And that’s not all!

It’s impossible not to notice Grandiôse Extrême’s swan-­neck shaped wand that takes inspiration from the way the pros twist and turn their mascara brush for greater precision across both inner and outer lashes and right into the corner of the eye.

Its latex­-enriched formula creates a protective film over the lash fibers, creating unbeatably perfect 24­-hour hold.

Grandiôse Extrême #01 Noir Extrême, Lancôme.