Make like Caroline with a detox weekend in the country

“There’s nothing like escaping to the country for a weekend of rest and relaxation after the whirlwind of the back to school period. By getting a little me-time, gathering with friends for a meal in country, spending time with family and enjoying some fresh air, I’m boosted enough to attack a busy week. Letting go means enjoying a calm lunch outside, a nap in the sunshine and a stroll in the forest or around a flea market.

And because I never want to get weighed down with heavy bags, I only bring the absolute minimum and slip Lancôme’s Énergie de Vie Liquid Care in my bag.

Away from all the exhaust fumes in Paris, I don’t need to worry about my skin as much as I usually do, especially as it’s more tolerant within all the greenery. Combining lotion, serum and cream in one formula, this treatment hydrates my face to the absolute maximum. I apply morning and evening, so once I get back to Paris I feel recharged, relaxed and on form, which is something my man and my son love.”

Caroline de Maigret