Massage in your face cream for beauty and wellbeing

There’s nothing like taking the time to apply your skincare treatment using a few well-planned techniques to provide a few moments of beauty pleasure.

At least that’s what pros advise, especially if you want to start your day looking your best and feeling even better. What do fashion and movie makeup artists have in common? They never get to work without treating the face to a few minutes of massage. It may be a small gesture, but it can have real beauty-boosting results by:

1) Helping to spread a formula’s active ingredients across the face for greater glow, better hydration, nutrition and firmness.

2) Giving the face a stretch and relaxing muscles when pressed firmly.

3) Slowly waking up the skin, gently launching microcirculation and fostering relaxed features that give the face rosy cheeks and a healthy glow.

4) Boosting morning glow. After an evening massage, skin can look more nourished, thicker and brighter the next day.

5) Offering up anti-aging benefits after four weeks, especially on areas that are sensitive to aging such as the face, neck and cleavage.

Also not to be forgotten is that fact that massage provides the perfect little moment of me-time and a few minutes of pure relaxation that can transport the mind and boost wellbeing. The ideal technique? One that’s inspired by the new ‘slow cosmetics’ trend that encourages spending time on yourself and your skin with idea that focusing, thinking and doing the best for your skin while feeling it under your fingertips does it plenty of good. After all, the more you take care of your skin, the more it will glow.

Every evening, simply take a minute to massage the face using Rénergie Lift Multi-Action night cream by Lancôme. Afterwards, massage cream from the center of the face outwards towards the eyes, neck, forehead and edges. Next, work on the lower neck using smoothing gestures and small circular motions upwards. Finish off with a light downward massage across the entire face.

Consider it all the perfect way to meditate over your skin and get ready for a perfect night’s sleep.

Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Night Cream, Lancôme