Is age 25 the right time for anti­-aging serum?

Thinking of starting to use an anti-­aging serum as young as 25 to help prevent a few pesky skin problems? The answer to all your questions is here.

25 years old: often the age that skin starts to show a few signs of aging, especially as it starts to struggle to bounce back from skin­-oxidizing stress, tiredness and late nights. To prevent the early onset of skin issues such as fine lines and dryness, choosing a skin treatment that can help the skin replenish and renew at top speed is critical. Time for the perfect beauty booster that will help your complexion confront a few everyday challenges and function all the better.

The ideal solution for this important mission? A multi­functional serum

1) Its concentrated formula, packed full of active ingredients, is perfect for strengthening the skin while targeting specific needs.

2) Plus, its whisper-­light texture makes for immediate absorption into the skin.

In short: serum makes for an excellent first anti-­aging option. If you’ve passed your youthful early twenties, but haven’t quite reached your thirties, now’s the time to look to Advanced Génifique by Lancôme, which is designed to work on even the earliest signs of aging, all while increasing the skin’s strength and health. Just apply across the entire face several times a day.

Advanced Génifique, Lancôme.

©Nicolas Valois